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Who We Work With

At New Era Financial Group, Inc., we partner with investors in all stages of life. From individuals and families to retirees, professionals and small business owners, we are excited to work with clients who value long-term relationships and a proactive approach to financial planning.

While working with clients of all economic backgrounds, we specialize in working with:

Individuals: Our primary focus is to help you build, protect, and grow your wealth. Whatever you hope to achieve, we can help build strategies that meet your long-term goals. 

Families: We will offer you and your family solutions across a spectrum of services. From wealth management and asset protection strategies to estate planning and more, we will integrate key areas of your financial life.

Retirees: Our philosophy is simple: we believe retirement should be satisfying, not stressful. As your strategic partner, we strive to simplify and strengthen your financial life so you can enjoy the retirement you always imagined.

Business Owners: Your Business is one of your biggest investments. We can help you develop plans that support your values, protect your employees, and ensure a smooth transition for the future of your company.