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Discovering Who You Are

New Era was founded in May 1982. After seven years in the financial industry, Don and Grant were inspired by the optimism and pro-growth economic policies of President Reagan and made the decision to create their new firm. They had confidence a “new era” was about to begin in America.

They believed the American economy and the U.S. equity markets would soon begin their overdue recovery. It was good fortune that only months later, in August 1982, an explosive eighteen year bull market would begin.

Throughout the firm’s history, Don and Grant would return to the words of President Reagan when they needed optimism and faith that America would always prosper and remain that “shining city on the hill.”

To help as many people as possible to achieve the most important goals of their life.

Trusting long term relationships, friendship, occasionally family-like.

Patriotism, faith, service to clients, love of family and friends.

MS Financial Sciences; MS Management; BS Business and Finance; ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant; CLU Chartered Life Underwriter.