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New Era Financial Advisors, Inc.

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We believe in the strength of the American economy. Though change is certain, New Era Financial Group, Inc. was built to be a bastion of opportunity through all seasons of life.

Seven years after forming their partnership in the financial industry, Donald Warner and Grant Lindaman recognized a rising tide of opportunity. Driven by renewed optimism and the pro-growth economic policies of President Reagan, they were confident the U.S. equity markets would soon begin their long overdue recovery. In August of 1982, just months after founding New Era Financial Group, an explosive 18-year bull market catapulted long-term investors to unprecedented wealth accumulation.

For over four decades in the financial industry, we have adhered to a disciplined planning process designed to strengthen our clients’ financial independence. Through numerous bear market cycles from Black Monday 1987, to the bubble, and the great recession of 2008, we have frequently returned to President Reagan’s vision of America as “that shining city on a hill.” With faith in the future, we will always seek to inspire prosperity in your life as President Reagan did for our country.