Profile and Philosophy

Our Profile

Formed in 1982, New Era Financial Group, Inc. is an affiliate company of New Era Financial Advisors, Inc.  New Era Financial Group, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency able to provide individuals and businesses a wide selection of high quality life, disability income, long-term care, and individual and group health insurance products through numerous companies.

Formed in 1986, New Era Financial Advisors, Inc. is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. New Era Financial Advisors, Inc. provides individualized financial plans and customized asset management services to individuals, businesses, qualified plans, trusts, and charitable organizations. Financial planning fees are a fixed fee. Asset management services are provided on a percentage of assets fee basis.

All the financial advisors with offices at New Era Financial Advisors, Inc. are registered representatives with J.W. Cole Financial, 4301 Anchor Plaza Parkway, Suite 450, Tampa, FL 33634. Securities offered through J.W. Cole Financial, Inc. (JWC) Member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through New Era Financial Advisors, Inc. New Era Financial Group, Inc. and New Era Financial Advisors, Inc. are unaffiliated with JWC.

We encourage you to let our team of professionals assist you in designing and implementing a financial plan to help you work towards your long term goals.


Our Philosophy

In recent years, we have witnessed some of the most radical changes in the history of our world, our economy, and the way we do business. At times that change has been euphoric, at times tumultuous. Investors have occasionally seen their portfolios fluctuate widely.

While technology and strategies will continue to evolve, we believe successful business is still all about relationships, creative thinking, service, and strategic planning. However the "new world" has not changed our approach at New Era in helping our clients work toward their long term goals.

In our approach, superior service has never been out-of-date. Even in today's technology-driven marketplace, people don't want to be treated like commodities or just a number. We want to be your partner with your goals as our shared focus.

In addition to our commitment to long-term relationships with our clients and superior service, we believe long-term financial progress for our clients requires creative thinking and strategic, values-based planning. Our team of professionals with over 150 years of combined experience in the financial services industry will help find creative strategies to your planning concerns. As an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm, we can be objective in our financial product recommendations and strategic planning.

Finally, we are committed to helping our clients through our belief in sound investment principles:

  1. Building a confident financial foundation of cash reserves, proper and adequate insurance, and a completed estate plan. This foundation is the base for future investing.
  2. The use of asset allocation strategies that emphasize diversification* of investments.
  3. Investing with a long-term perspective.
  4. Making sure our client's investment portfolios are designed consistent with their values, goals, and risk tolerance.

So if strategies and technologies are changing quickly, what is it that defines a company? We believe it is their values that define them, as it is your values that define you. We would appreciate an opportunity to share our values with you as we learn about you. This process is at the heart of all relationships.


Changes bring choices. Choose wisely. There is a difference.


*Diversification does not guarantee against market loss.